Anchor Drop: Griffin Bay

Anchor Drop: Griffin Bay
A view from the stern of a sailboat. An anchorage with many boats is visible in the distance.
Departing Friday Harbor with May in tow.

After a few days spent in Friday Harbor and a visit from family, we'll be self-isolating for the next few weeks. We set sail at about noon yesterday with a solid 10-12 kts out of the northwest. However, we were sailing against the strong current that runs up San Juan Channel. That, combined with state ferries and whale watching vessels, kept us on our toes until we were well south of Turn Island and in Griffin Bay proper.

We got in a nice bit of sailing and experimented with a few things as we tried to improve on our jibing in light airs, which has been a frequent point of frustration. While we didn't have any luck on the water, the Sir found some very promising information after we'd anchored last night, so we'll give that a go the next time we're out.

A large expanse of water. There's a grassy hill on shore bordered by forest on either side.

Griffin Bay is enormous–so large that waves could easily build up from the unprotected north and east, but it's very nice with the wind out of the southwest. The shallows extend far into the bay, meaning we can keep a healthy distance from our neighbors, unlike in Friday Harbor. We aren't sure how long we'll be staying here, but our current plan is to slowly work our way back south as we prepare for some substantial maintenance this winter.

A white dinghy upside-down. It's been partially scrubbed clean of algae and other growth.
May getting a much-needed scrub on the shore this morning.