Anchor Drop: Inati Bay

Anchor Drop: Inati Bay
A small, calm bay with a very densely forested shore.

Yesterday, we sailed out of Bellingham and over to Inati Bay for the first time. It's a very quiet and peaceful little place. I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on some work and get things squared away. The Sir's contract is now officially over, so our schedule will be much more flexible for at least the rest of the summer.

I started my first tray of sprouts yesterday. I'm very excited by the possibility of producing fresh greens while we're at anchor, and I've been relentlessly checking in on the seeds as they begin to split open. It's surprising how much they've changed in just 24 hours.

We also picked up the 360 camera, and it'll take some fiddling, but we'll be figuring out how to get that up and running. We're eternally indebted to our family, who acted as the world's best mail-forwarding service over the course of the last few months and during our brief visit to port.

On the topic of the protests and riots that are ongoing, I'll keep it brief: They are important, and I hope that real and lasting positive change comes out of what is happening in the US right now. I have a limited audience, and dismantling white supremacy and promoting equality is a hill I will happily die on.  If this is something you've never really thought about, or if you disagree and are willing to have a conversation about it, feel free to hit me up.

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