A clear-sky day with calm water. There's a heavily treed shore with a small hill in the distance. A few boats are anchored far away.

We decided to retreat from Roche Harbor again, but I forgot to post that we had gone back there to begin with. Short, funny story: We retreated from Roche last time and went and anchored in the wide-open half of Westcott Bay, past the shellfish farm. A few days later, a poorly cared-for sailboat dropped anchor a few hundred feet upwind of us. Within a week of us arriving in Westcott, this boat dragged within 20 feet of us one morning. Nowhere is safe. We returned to Roche Harbor to resupply and spent a few weeks there, where we witnessed and assisted with a number of other boat dragging problems before finally retreating back to Westcott.

This time we just anchored as far upwind of everyone as we could: We were very fortunate that many people were leaving as we arrived. Hopefully, we'll have a boring stay here. There's supposed to be some nasty weather rolling through later this week and we didn't want to risk being in Roche while that happened.

Sunset over a bay. The sky and water are dark, but there's a bright patch just above the horizon.