These little lizards are one of the more eye-catching creatures around. True to their name, they're active almost exclusively during the day. They enjoy lounging in warm places like my windowsills. They have excellent vision, often noticing each other from across the room. In addition to crunching down on hornets and other insects that wander inside, they enjoy sweets: Early on, I found one licking clean a cutting board that had some residual fruit juice on it.

A bright green gecko resting on the handle of a pot lid.

I'd guess that about a dozen day geckos live on and around the trailer I'm staying in, in addition to a handful of members from more reclusive and nocturnal species.  They can slip in above one of the doors and through a gap in a window screen, so they're free to come and go as they please. Aside from not being trained to poop outside, they're pretty much the perfect house pets.

A close-up of a gecko's head and front leg. It has bright orange stripes, blue eyelids and toes, and yellow speckles on its back.
A gecko poking its head out o a little box with its mouth slightly open.
Two geckos sitting on a windowsill, looking at each other.
A little gecko sitting on the top of a thermos.
My coworker on the porch.
The same little gecko lying on top of an "intel inside" sticker.
This one also likes to crawl all over my computer and keyboard.
A top-down view of a glass-topped patio table. There's a gecko on the top and one upside down, stuck to the underside.
Gravity is extremely overrated.