February Riddle of the Month and Prize Sketch

February Riddle of the Month and Prize Sketch

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For those unawares, I run a Riddle of the Month challenge over on Patreon. Each month, anyone who pledges $1 or more has the opportunity to win a prize sketch by solving that month’s riddle first.    Today I’m posting the riddle from February, its prize sketch, and its solution.

February’s Riddle:

A dark serpent with black and yellow scales,
Still and flat, but for the insects on its tail.
Found in desert heat and icy climbs all the same,
Often called by number or name.

(Scroll to the end for the answer)

February’s riddle was solved by Inhibitor, who does awesome music and can generally be found over at Outset Initiative.

He requested a cute animal pirate in celebration of some progress on the novel he’s working on, so here’s his B&W sketch of a Guinea Pirate, sailing the high seas:

A guinea pig standing on the bow of a ship with a tricorn and fancy coat.

April’s Riddle of the month will be kicking off in just a few days!


Riddle Solution: A Highway

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