FLC #41

Hey, you probably weren't expecting one of these.

Guess that was a bit more than five months, huh? It's been a wild year, honestly. Things haven't exactly slowed down, but I'm trying to do what I can to carve more space for myself back into my life.

I have to include a pretty uncomfortable note with this post: for my own well-being, I stopped communicating with my biological family last summer. I was also reluctant to send out newsletters because of this - they were all subscribers, and the situation felt too uncomfortable for me to even interact with. If you happen to know my biological family, please respect my wishes and do not share any details about me with them.

Related to subscriptions, if you are signed up and need any help canceling a subscription and/or would like a refund for the last year, please let me know. I certainly appreciate any financial support, but  it isn't like I really have much to show for the last year so far as personal creative endeavors. I feel a bit like I'm just starting to crawl out of a long hibernation, honestly.

What I do have to show is 13 published, playable episodes of Hell and High Water, the starts of a mustache, and a body I'm much more comfortable with. Last fall, I took 5 weeks of leave to undergo and recover from top surgery, and it would not be an exaggeration to say it has been life changing. I guess if I could describe it, it would be a bit like spending a little over 20 years with a toothache that isn't excruciating, but you can hardly ever completely ignore, and maybe it acts up a little when you smile. And you just kind of assume everyone else has similar problems with their teeth, or it's not that big of a deal. And I mean, could a dentist even really fix that? And then one day, you finally go to the dentist, and after that, it's gone. Just, no more discomfort, and you can smile without a second thought. It isn't a magical fix for everything or anything like that, but my baseline quality of life is just better now.

Anyways, I'm alive and well and continuing the perpetual process of getting my life in order. I hope this newsletter finds you well, and I hope I'll find time to put these together a bit more frequently. Maybe I can build it into my weekly routine. I'd much rather send small, weekly updates than sit on them for weeks or months.

All the best,