Harbor Seals

Harbor Seals
Four seals on a rock. one is completely turned away and two are kind of looking toward the camera.

As we were relocating around Clark Island, we passed near some rocks that were very popular with the local harbor seals. I was able to snag a few shots with my telephoto lens. Harbor seals are pretty much my favorite animals out on the water.

A large, lopsided rocky island sticking out of the water. In front of it is a smaller rock with several seals on it.
An assortment of adult and baby seals hauled out. One is sticking its tongue out.
Six seals hauled out. One is on its side with its paw sticking up.
A large number of seals scattered across a rock. There's one seal swimming down in the water.
Several more seals on a rock. A parent looks bewildered and a pup appears to be glaring at the viewer.