What’s this about Riddles?

For those unawares, I run a Riddle of the Month challenge over on Patreon. Each month, anyone who pledges $1 or more has the opportunity to win a prize sketch by solving that month’s riddle before anyone else. Once a riddle is solved and I’ve drawn a prize sketch, I post it all up here.

July 2017 Riddle:

Each a take on the same design:
A landscape you won’t look far to find.
A bridge above, a hill below,
And two deep wells, down low.
(Scroll to bottom of entry for the answer)

This riddle was solved by Inhibitor, who does some awesome tunes over here and elsewhere on the internet as Outset Initiative. He requested a Penguil doing some IT work, as he’s shipped himself off to Antarctica for the season.


July 2017 Riddle Solution: A Nose

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