More Change

So, it's been a bit of a rough week. Yesterday, I learned that there was a 15 month wait on beginning the therapy I was hoping to start, after 3 weeks of waiting for an answer. And... the system has been less than helpful with finding any other therapists to see. This one isn't accepting new patients, that one won't bill insurance (I'm currently on state medicaid, which doesn't have a channel for me to submit claims myself?)... Anyway, it was incredibly discouraging to hear. This morning, I learned that the project I've been contributing to for over a year, on and off, has been canceled.

I'm not that surprised—this is the game industry, after all—but I am feeling somewhat dazed. And, it's always very sad when a project gets canceled. So much love and hard work that now, almost certainly, will never reach its intended audience. So many stories that will go untold. I'm glad I took the opportunity when I had it.

That leaves me with... a few chapters of a story to edit every month or so, a pretty darn open schedule, and not much income, though I have enough in savings to see me through for a while. I'm going to take this time to truly focus on my own projects( including my mental health) and see if I can clear my own path forward.