PAX 2018 Spotlight: Boyfriend Dungeon

PAX 2018 Spotlight: Boyfriend Dungeon

The last few months have been remarkably busy on Blackthorn. We’ve been out of the water since July 11th, but should be back in the water soon. I was fortunate enough to work PAX this year, and after my shifts, I spent some time poking around the expo floor, as well as popping into the MIX and SIX indie showcases.

Without further ado…

Boyfriend Dungeon by Kitfox Games
Genre: Dungeon Crawler/Dating Sim
Planned Release: 2019    
Platforms: Desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux) Confirmed

I was vaguely aware of Boyfriend Dungeon’s ongoing kickstarter campaign prior to the show, and it was a special treat to find an open demo station tucked away inside the Lenovo’s Booth.

The premise behind Boyfriend Dungeon is simple and ingenious: The game blends the dating-sim and dungeon crawling genres, so that your weapons (who just so happen to turn into very attractive people) can be romanced. Improving your relationship with your weapons will have a positive impact on your combat with those weapons as well.

I didn’t have much time with the demo, but I did play long enough to meet a weapon, poke around the world map a bit, and start delving into a dungeon. The overall structure of the game reminded me strongly of Persona 4, a huge plus in my book. There are different locations around the town to visit, and there appeared to be a quite robust “social” system for interacting with different characters, supported by excellent writing. Inside the dungeon, the move set available to the player was dictated by weapon choice. I was quite smitten with Valeria the Dagger, and we went on a quick little romp of slaying monsters before I had to move on.

It’s a cute concept, and so far, it’s looking great. I was impressed by how inclusive and self-aware this game is. It knows exactly what it is and is doing a kickass job of executing on that premise, even in this early demo build. I did end up throwing some money at their kickstarter, which ends in 4 days (Saturday, September 15th at 9:03 AM PDT). If this sounds like your idea of fun, I encourage you to go support the developers and earn some sweet backer rewards. It seems very likely that Kitfox Games will deliver an excellent experience when it’s all said and done, as they were able to successfully bring Moon Hunters (a game that’s still on my to-play list) through a kickstarter campaign and to launch.

Thank you for taking the time to read through! I’ll be following up with another spotlight soon! If you have any questions for me, or just want to hang out with some cool folks, feel free to hop on the Creaturista Discord server!