Boat life does strange things to you. Like prompting you to write about sprouting seeds. This spring we spent four weeks out on anchor, followed by five more after a supply run. I'm not a huge fan of canned spinach, and sprouting seeds seemed like a great way to work some fresh greens into our diet. I did some pretty minimal research and ordered some sprouting supplies. So far, I've sprouted a batch of broccoli seeds, some kale seeds, and some mung beans. I just started some alfalfa and an assortment called "Mother's Mix" from Sprout People.

This is a pretty rewarding hobby so far. It's not much more involved than soaking some seeds overnight, putting them in a jar or on the screen I bought, and rinsing them in the morning and evening for four or more days, depending on the variety. The soak-water can be added to whatever I happen to be cooking, and the finished sprouts are tasty, nutritious, and add some variety to our meals.

The mung beans are the only ones where I've had a few questionable sprouts in the group that ended up getting picked out. And the kale sprouts were the most impressive so far, but I was so tired and hungry when I came in last night that I threw them into dinner without bothering to take a picture.

Here are a few pictures, and I'll share more as this hobby continues.