Two New Riddles with Solutions and Sketches

Two New Riddles with Solutions and Sketches

What’s this about Riddles?

For those unawares, I run a Riddle of the Month challenge over on Patreon (where you can also find the high res versions of sketches). Each month, anyone who pledges $1 or more has the opportunity to win a prize sketch by solving that month’s riddle before anyone else. Once a riddle is solved and I’ve drawn a prize sketch, I post it all up here.

September 2016 Riddle

Note: I posted a riddle challenge back in September, and it turned out that the riddle had more than one good solution, which was not my aim. So, I tweaked the riddle and did a prize sketch for Badger, who gave me an answer that worked for the original version. I’m sharing the updated riddle (for those of you who just enjoy riddles), solution, and the prize sketch, which was just recently requested.

Without further ado, September 2016’s Riddle:
The truth that should not be missed is that we don’t really exist.
We can inspire fear, or win a war, or leave one eager for more.
Carefully placed – large or small – we all serve a greater call.
However, we must confess that we go unnoticed when we’re at our best.

(Scroll to bottom of entry for the answer)

He requested a nautilus/octopus (on the cute side) B&W sketch, and here’s what I came up with:

January 2017 Riddle:

Thick skin and a strange neck;
A welcome, short-legged pet.
Black heart, Bright heart
Feeding me is a delicate art.
I feast upon the bloodless dead,
Purring noisily as I’m fed.

(Scroll to bottom of entry for the answer)

This riddle was solved by Zeke, who does some awesome music via Outset Initiative. He requested a Valentine’s Day themed B&W Windwaker sketch.


September 2016 Riddle Solution:
Plot Devices
January 2017 Riddle Solution:
A  Stove / Fireplace

I hope you enjoyed the riddles! If you have any questions for me, or just want to hang out with some cool folks, feel free to hop on the Creaturista Discord server!